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Education hour Faithful Living in God’s Story Today

Education hourFaithful Living in God’s Story Today

(Pastor Fields) —The church must always strive to be faithful within its time and place.  Today in America, we live in a culture that has lost its Story, that is, the true story of everything that gives meaning and coherence to all aspects of life.  What responsibility does the church bear for the situation we find ourselves in today?  What happens to life in this situation, including religious life?  How have the assumptions of our contemporary situation impacted the church’s theology and practice?  Constructively, how should the church today respond?  This class will attempt a response by unpacking the gospel as the proclamation of the coming reign of the God of Israel over creation through Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God and the one whom God has appointed ruler and judge of all.  The class will also consider the story this proclamation assumes, the theology that emerges from this story, and what it would look like for the church to live faithfully in this story today.  One aspect of faithful living in God’s true story of everything includes telling our own stories of God’s involvement in our lives.  The class will conclude by giving participants the skills to tell a personal story of a life event in which God demonstrated his faithfulness.


Welcome to Immanuel

(Pastor Driver) -Transferring to Immanuel from a Lutheran congregation?  We will host “Welcome to Immanuel” during education hour (9:30-10:30).  Organized around our vision of worshiping, learning, and serving, you will learn about Immanuel’s many ministries and ways that you can become involved.  Please reply to Pr. Steve Driver at or at ext. 218 if you would like to participate.  Sunday School for children and childcare in the nursery are available.

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At Immanuel, we believe that you can be transformed by experiencing life with God in Christ. Our mission is to equip people for this kind of transformation by connecting people with Christ in a life of worship, learning, and service, whether you are exploring Christianity for the first time or grew up attending church.