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Immanuel Lutheran church

who we are

Connecting with Christ in the Lord’s Supper

Holy Communion is integral to the worship life of the baptized at Immanuel. In accordance with Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions, we keep this sacrament by our Lord’s command, “Take and eat . . . take and drink . . . for the remembrance of me,” and by his promise, “my body given for you” and “my blood shed for you for the forgiveness of sin.” As we by bread and cup eat the body and drink the blood of Christ’s death for our sins, we share also in his resurrection for our life.Baptized guests who regularly commune at their home congregation and share this understanding are welcome to commune with us and our Lord’s table. Guests, including children of guests, who have never received Communion are invited to receive a blessing.

Children & the Lord’s Supper

We hold first Communion preparation sessions for 3rd graders every year during Lent. Contact the church office or one of the pastors for exact dates and times. Parents also have the option of preparing children at home using materials available in the church office. Since practices surrounding children and first Communion vary among Lutherans, we also honor those who choose to wait until confirmation.Children who have not yet prepared for Communion are welcome to come forward with their families and receive a blessing during Communion.How Communion works at ImmanuelEvery congregation has a slightly different way of doing Communion. Immanuel is no exception. We recognize that one of people’s greatest fears at a new church is how to receive communion — when to get up, where to stand, how to get back to your seat, how to appear as if you know what you’re doing. To allay your fears, ushers are present to guide you. We also include small diagram in the worship folder with some instructions. [Or watch this video click here for a newcomer’s guide to Communion at Immanuel.]

Connect with Christ

The Lord’s Supper is celebrated every Sunday at 8 am and 10:45 am and the first and third Saturdays at 5 pm. Second and Fourth Saturdays are Holden Evening Prayer. We would be delighted to worship with you!


5:00 pm – 1st and 3rd Holy Communion and 2nd and 4th are
Holden Evening Prayer


8:00 am and 10:45 am Holy Communion
We would be honored to worship with you.