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Voters Assembly

Immanuel Lutheran church

Voters Assembly 

Voters Assembly to Call A Senior Pastor

One of the great joys and privileges of being part of Christ’s body, the church, is the responsibility to prayerfully choose those who fill the office of pastor. At this time, the Call Committee, appointed by the Congregation Council, has made the recommendation to extend a call to our current Associate Pastor, Andrew Fields, to become the Senior Pastor here at Immanuel.  As most members of Immanuel know by now, the call committee has recommended that the congregation call Pr. Andrew Fields, our current Associate Pastor, to be our next senior pastor.  The voters assembly will be on Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 9:30 am in the sanctuary.  If you are unable to attend we will have a live stream available on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube.  
In the letter announcing this recommendation, we noted that one of the things we did before making this recommendation was to set aside an evening for a two-hour conversation with Pr. Fields.  Because it might be of interest to Immanuel members to know a little about the sorts of matters we discussed, I will say a little about that here.
A good bit of the discussion dealt with Immanuel’s structure and ministry, but some also dealt with larger issues concerning the church in the world today.  Examples of the first sort of issue are fairly obvious, but that does not make them less complicated. For example, we talked quite a bit about the relationship between Immanuel and its school. That connection has always been important to the congregation, and Pr. Fields himself believes strongly in it.  Nevertheless, parochial schools in our society face considerable stress and strain these days, so it was helpful for the committee to hear his views.
We talked with him about the congregation’s Vision 2020 plans, which have largely been on hold since the Covid pandemic began.  We were interested to know whether he saw a way forward for those plans and how they might continue to offer a vision for Immanuel’s future.
But we also talked about broader questions. For example, in a society that often seems less interested in the church–and sometimes even hostile toward the church–how do we carry out ministry effectively?  Or, to take another example, how has our ability to make services available online during the pandemic strengthened our ministry, and what possible problems does it present for in-person worship in the future?
Although Pr. Fields has been an effective and well-received Associate Pastor, it was clear to us that he has still more to offer our congregation.  He impressed us as thoughtful both about Immanuel’s strengths and about the challenges facing us in the future. We were pleased to recommend that he be called as senior pastor.
– Gilbert Meilaender

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