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Immanuel Lutheran church

Women’s Bible


Immanuel Lutheran church

Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Early Morning Bible Study

The Tuesday morning women’s Bible study began more than twenty years ago with three women looking for a Christian study that would help with weight loss.  The group has evolved a great deal over the years and grown to twenty-four members, but we continue to meet almost every week to study God’s word and pray for each other and all our concerns.  

We have chosen a variety of subjects to study over the years, from Martin Luther to the Holy Spirit to Philippians to Mary and Martha.  We were studying the book of Luke when Covid-19 struck and forced us to stop gathering in mid-March.  We are a very close-knit group, so we felt a large void in our lives when we couldn’t be together.  Over the summer, some members started gathering outside at Immanuel on Tuesday mornings to listen to Bible verses and share prayer concerns.  When school started, we moved into the sharing space wearing masks and sitting six feet apart.  Then on September 8 we started a formal Bible study again using resources from LWML.  We have eight to ten women gathering again on Tuesday mornings to study a specific Bible verse for four weeks and to share our prayer concerns.  Emails are sent to all our members with prayer requests for the week. New members are always welcome.  

   As a Christ Care group, which is, by definition, a “circle of care with Christ at the center,” we are encouraged to get involved in missional service.  To that end, we are trying to organize a ministry of Immanuel members calling and connecting with other members of the congregation.  Several of Immanuel’s Christ Care groups are joining us and volunteering to contact Immanuel members on a regular and ongoing basis.  If you would like to volunteer for this ministry, please contact me (Carla Weiss) at 219-464-3941.  

   The Tuesday morning Bible study is more than just a group of women with Christ at the center gathering to study God’s word.  We are a sisterhood of saints and sinners who love God and care deeply about each other.  We gather to praise and thank God.  And we pray to Him, knowing we can ask for anything and He will answer according to His will.


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At Immanuel, we believe that you can be transformed by experiencing life with God in Christ. Our mission is to equip people for this kind of transformation by connecting people with Christ in a life of worship, learning, and service, whether you are exploring Christianity for the first time or grew up attending church.